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Whether you’re an athlete or suffer with the highs and lows of an active lifestyle, our CBD infused muscle rub balm may be the perfect natural remedy to help you on your road to recovery. We’ve created a top of the line, BSCG (Olympic standard of drug testing) certified CBD infused topical balm, enriched with a unique formulation of natural botanical oils including 300mg of CBD isolate, Vitamin E, Calendula officinalis (marigold flower) and Melaleuca viridiflora (Niaouli oil).


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Product Specifications

CBD isolate, Helianthus annuus seed oil (sunflower seed oil), Olea europaea fruit oil (olive oil), Euphorbia Cerifera (candelilla wax), Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower oil, Tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e), Calendula officinalis (marigold) flower, Vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil, Pinus sylvestris (pine needle) essential oil, Melaleuca viridiflora (niaouli) leaf oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil, Menthol

More Info
Contains 300mg of Pure CBD Isolate, 100% Natural Ingredients
100 % Pesticide and Herbicide Free, 3rd Party-Tested, 100% Vegan, Pure CO2 Extraction

Research into CBD’s topical pain-relieving abilities is still in the early stages. However, what we do know is promising especially in relation to arthritis, nerve and muscle pain.

Our CBD Muscle Rub

Each 45ml tub of our CBD Muscle recovery balm is packed with a unique formulation of 100% natural ingredients as well as 300mg of top quality CBD. It contains Vitamin E – a fat-soluble and essential nutrient. Vitamin E supports good skin health by protecting cells from oxidative stress. It’s complemented by Calendula flower – that’s used to prevent muscle spasms and has been known to ease menstrual cramps as well as Niaouli Oil – a highly versatile ingredient used extensively in herbal medicine. To top it all off, our innovative formula is totally paraben – preservative free for a more natural experience. Apply the joint gel to the affected areas as and when needed. With our premium and clean CO2 extraction process, our CBD topicals are the highest grade available in the UK and are unrivalled in their quality and testing process.

Why should I use CBD topicals?


There are lots of ways to use cannabidiol (CBD), but when applied to the skin, CBD Muscle Rub works in several ways. First is the rubbing action associated with massaging it in. This soothing motion stimulates the nerve endings which helps reduce discomfort by overwhelming the pain signals.

Our topicals are combined with active ingredients such as menthol which have known anti-inflammatory properties helping you get through the highs and lows of an active lifestyle. CBD also interactes with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which has receptors throughout the body, including in skin cells and nerve fibres. This distribution of cannabinoid receptors in the skin allows topical CBD products to have a localised effect. Our CBD Muscle Rub can be used in addition to CBD capsules or oils. It can also be used on its own if you’re not a fan of the taste and flavour of CBD Oils.

How to use our CBD muscle rub

Massage our CBD balm into the muscles you’re having an issue with thoroughly until the balm is absorbed through the skin. Apply whenever you need muscle relief or a cooling effect, applying throughout the day if required. Quick to absorb with a cooling menthol sensation for quick and instant relief.

CBD Topical FAQs

Will CBD topicals get me high?

No, CBD products do not get you high. As CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, people often wrongly assume products that include it will make you feel high. However, it is the THC component of the cannabis plant that gives you a euphoric feeling of being high and is why it is strictly regulated in South Africa and may often see some products claim to be “THC Free”. On the other hand the CBD component actually helps your body’s regulating system to keep it balanced. Find out more with our guide: Does CBD get you high?

Will CBD topicals show up on a drug test?
Our CBD Muscle Rub is BSCG Tested which guarantees they are free from banned substances, so you don’t have to worry about testing positive on an anti-doping test. Regular drug tests are designed to detect the presence of THC but our CBD Topicals are made with CBD Isolate, meaning they are THC free.
How much of a CBD topical should I use?
Scientists haven’t yet developed official guidelines for dosing with CBD topicals, but you can determine the right amount through a simple process of experimentation. Just apply a small amount to the affected area, wait for 15-20 minutes, and see how you feel.
Is It Safe to Use CBD Topicals Multiple Times in One Day?
Yes, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported that CBD is a non-toxic substance with no potential for addiction or abuse. That means you can apply your CBD topicals as often as needed.
Can I use CBD Topicals if I’m not an athlete?
Yes, CBD Topicals have a lot of different uses and benefits. Besides being great for athletes and people with active lifestyles they are great for day to day use too. Some customers use our CBD Muscle Rub during their menstrual cycle or in small amounts on their temples when suffering with a headache. Our CBD Muscle Rub is popular with mature customers who feel the aches and pain associated with growing older.

Customer Stories

fourfive has helped athletes and customers alike to improve their health and wellbeing.


Really enjoying. Can feel the difference it makes to my sleep and recovery.

Curwin Bosch
Professional Rugby Player

Loving the product! Sleeping crazy good and my body feels awesome!!!

Haydn Porteous
Professional Golfer Two time European tour winner

Can’t speak highly enough of the effect it’s had over the first week. I’m sleeping better than I have in as long as I can remember.

Jeremy Ward
Professional Rugby Player

It’s been amazing. Helped me a lot with my recovery and anxiety I felt much more relaxed when I went to bed. And fresh the following morning for training.

Damian Willemse:
Professional Rugby Player

Using the oil helped me sleep a lot better and I feel better than what I usually feel after a tough workout. I absolutely love the product.

Janine Van Wyk
Captain South Africa Women's Football Team
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