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CBD and Sleep Deprivation – Can It Help And Does It Make You Drowsy



Do you suffer from sleep deprivation and can CBD really help? We receive lots of questions from our customers about the relationship between CBD (cannabidiol) and sleep and out of those who’ve tried, many have seen very positive results.

Yet, within the world of CBD, there are many things to be determined for certain, like whether CBD will actually help you sleep or make you drowsy. That’s why some people choose to take CBD for sleep, and some don’t. Read more: What’s the Best Way to Use CBD?


Sleepiness is the feeling you feel when you’re ready to get comfy in your bed and go to sleep. It usually doesn’t happen when it’s not around your normal bedtime, and it goes away once you sleep.
Drowsiness is when you simply can’t keep your eyes open or concentrate on the tasks in front of you. People who feel drowsy can experience unexpected sleeping spells or overall fatigue throughout the day. However, drowsiness can remain after sleeping too.


CBD does not make you drowsy. Of course, this is based on experiences we’ve had personally, have seen, or have heard about through our site. The majority of people seem to take well to CBD, and it doesn’t seem to cause drowsiness when dosed properly.

Why is this important? Well, if you are curious about trying CBD to help with your waking life, chances are you don’t want to be drowsy while experiencing its other effects. And, even more importantly, it can be dangerous to exert a lot of physical effort while drowsy. Athleticism or even just being active takes being alert, and focused – the opposite of drowsy, really.


So what does a good nights sleep feel like? Whilst we’re asleep our brains move through various stages of the the sleep cycle. The most restorative and deep phase of quality sleep is the non-REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage. When we achieve long periods of non-REM sleep we wake feeling well rested and refreshed.
The Endocannabinoid System is believed to serve as a link between the circadian regulation systems and the behavioural and physiological processes that are affected, including sleep.
By supporting your ECS with CBD, you may find it easier to stay asleep, fall asleep and achieve a higher quality period of prolonged sleep. This works, not through sedation, as with typical sleeping medication; rather CBD could help the body shift from Rapid Eye Movement (REM) into non-REM sleep stages of the sleep cycle.

With that said, we encourage you to take a look at the CBD options available to you so you can test it out for yourself. We recommend sticking to natural ingredients with botanical extracts such as lavender oil to help you sleep even better!


Sleeping problems can occur due to lots of environmental and mental factors including; certain prescriptive medicine use, continuous intake of caffeinated drinks to deal with your busy day, noise or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).Making lifestyle changes such as no caffeine or alcohol before bed, reducing screen time, minimising stress and making healthy food choices can all help. Supporting your brain health with a good supplement routine can also have a positive impact on sleep patterns.

A healthy sleep routine contributes to other areas of our health including immune system, memory and mood. By contrast bad sleep patterns can leave you feeling groggy, tired and lacking in energy, making it harder to stay fit and active. When achieving a good nights sleep, duration is important but the quality of sleep is also integral.

To explore your CBD options head to our page and browse our full range here.

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